About JT

JT PARROTHEAD is a professional acoustic entertainer and songwriter, providing a wide variety of music, including his own originals. While not a "tribute act",  he is a big fan of JIMMY BUFFETT's music and has many Buffett songs in his arsenal, having played "Margaritaville" themed parties from south Florida to Chicago. JT also covers many other genres of music while performing at venues of every size. If you're a fan of the "singer-songwriter" era, JT performs many of those unforgettable tunes that can "take you back in time" and re-live those special moments in your life. 

While "learning the ropes", JT spent 6 years in Nashville, having a few songs published with one being released in Canada. In the summer of 2016 , he released his first cd of originals (Greatest Hits), available on iTunes and other formats. Subsequently, JT has released a string of singles (all originals) which are also on most streaming formats, including Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. His songs are played frequently on Trop Rock radio stations world-wide on internet radio as well as terrestrial radio. JT also has a vast country music background, as many venues in the south demand. 

It's "REAL" LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC! No LOOPING, because he doesn't want to insult your listening intelligence!

JT ain't trying to fool nobody y'all!

One GOOD time!