Date:3/24/2012  Name:kevin mcguire E-mail: Location: wake forest

Comments: Love our music man.

Date:2/22/2012 Name:Alex Kubler E-mail: Location: Carrboro, NC Referred by: Janet Duskey

Comments: I like mine with lettuce and tomato!

Date:2/12/2012 Name:Zsuzsa E-mail: Location: Relish Cafe

Comments: First time I heard you at Relish Cafe last night. Great show! Definitely would love to hear you perform again!

Date:11/30/2011 Name:Diana E-mail:

Comments: My husband and I are big fans of yours! Are you playing anywhere the weekend of January 21st? We have small children and don't get out as much anymore, but know that we have that weekend free!

Date:9/1/2011Name:Jill Fricke E-mail: Location: United States Referred by: GigMasters

Comments: Look forward to you playing at my husbands surprise 40th party on November 12th.

Date:8/4/2011 Name:Price E-mail: Location: Raleigh

Comments: JT, for a one man band, you're a rock star. (And I might be a little drunk!) I'll be out to see you again soon!

Date:7/30/2011 Name:Steve E-mail: Location: Argentina Referred by: facebook

Comments: I would love to score a ticket to the 2011 Lounge Lizard Tour. I would be the guy yelling a request for some Toby Kieth! Ha! Glad to see you still playing music. Take care!

Date:6/7/2011Name:Julie E-mail: Location: Wake Forest, NC

Comments: Hey JT PHead! Saw you for the first time last Friday night at Shuckers! You were awesome! I even got your card during your break. Thanks for bringing some good music to these parts!! Hope I'm not too old to be a groupie - I will see you again! :D

Date:5/23/2011  Name:Dave E-mail: Location: North Durham

Comments: Caught the show at Spartacus.  Sorry about the repeated requests for Mental Floss!  Hope to see you again this summer!!  Great job!

Date:5/8/2011 ) Name:Amy Wilkerson E-mail: Location: Wake Forest, NC

Comments: Hey man!
We enjoyed your show (as usual) at Shucker's in Wake Forest this past Friday night. Sorry for requesting Baker Street, I should know by now that it's not on your playlist. We'll probably see you again at Shucker's later this month. You rock!

Date:9/27/2010 Name:Jason Kilts E-mail: Location: Durham

Comments: We had JT play at our private function.  I can honestly say that nothing else we chose for our evening was a more perfect choice.  Background songs / personal song choices / and absolute fun incarnate all at just the right times.  I don't know if my contact information will show up for anyone else to see once I hit submit, or if this will even go to anyone but JT, but if you can see me, please by all means feel free to contact me for a referral that I am already telling you will be glowing.

Date:8/26/2010  Name:bonnie downs E-mail: Location: edwards mill

Comments: enjoyed your singing and playing

Date:7/23/2010 Name:Mark Knudsen E-mail: Location: Raleigh

Comments: My wife and daughter saw you tonight at Shuckers--We really enjoyed your songs..Thanks for the G Strait song...Look forward to see you again..

Date:5/5/2010 Name:Christine E-mail: Location: Cary

Comments: Found your site :) Enjoyed listening to you play at the Wyndham again! Will definitely be back to hear "My Sacrifice" and "Cold One"!

Date:12/31/2009 Name:Corey Oliphant E-mail: Location: Wake Forest

Comments: Looking forward to seeing you preform at Shuckers for the New Years Eve Party!

Date:12/26/2009  Name:Liz Evans E-mail: Location: Durham, NC Referred by: Dave

Comments: Hey! Any idea of when you plan to do another gig in Durham? We sure do miss ya around here!
Hope you have a great holiday and a busy New Year!!

Date:9/15/2009 Name:John Williams E-mail: Location: Raleigh Referred by: You Damnit

Comments: You know me and jenny we see you all the time @ Wake Forest Alehouse and Shuckers!!!

Date:7/31/2009 Name:Liz Evans E-mail: Location: Durham's Spartacus, The Pub Referred by: Dave Edson

Comments: I am a new fan, and I just love your music... not to mention all the good beer tchotchke you hand out at Spartacus as trivia question prizes! Thanks again for the "hints" a few weeks ago... the Miller Lite cooler will be put to good use as the summer wears on.  I can't wait to seeing you perform again at Spartacus in August!

Date:7/28/2009  Name:Sheila E-mail:

Comments: You got talent.

Date:2/26/2009 Name:Doug Poole E-mail: Location: Carrboro

Comments: I Love You, Man !!

Date:2/16/2009 Name:Jeanette Fusaro E-mail: Location: Concord, NC Referred by: Gigmasters

Comments: wow, all this time I've been emailing back and forth with you and I never looked at your website, duh! I like your attitude& style JT & my fiance' is going to appreciate it even more than I do once I show him your site! ;-)

Date:12/4/2008 Name:kevin griffin E-mail: Location: midlothian,il

Comments: what's up man, I'm the guy from (captain)Ron's summer party in chicago.I brought the speakers.  Just wanted to drop you a line and say I still got your cd in my car, listem to the one song quite a bit.  Hope you have a good christmas looks like you got a lot of shows in the next couple weeks, see ya next summer.

Date:10/30/2008  Name:Colin McGrath E-mail: Location: Raleigh Referred by: Me dammit

Comments: Hey man, Thought of you last night while travelling, haven't taken the wife out for a few in a bit, so was looking at yer schedule and see there nothing on right now, but we'll catch up I'm sure. Shout out to the Jackasses at the Wyndham for me. Colin

Date:6/4/2008  Name:Dave River E-mail: Location: PA Referred by: YOU!

Comments: Thanks for your entertaining repartee and music.  You're good people; KEEP IN TOUCH!

Date:9/10/2007 Name:English Dave E-mail: Location: The better part of the US (North) Referred by: Some drunk at the Wyndham

Comments: Jt is the greatest singer I've ever seen at the Wyndham or anywhere in North Carolina come to think of it.  English Dave X

Date:8/9/2006Name:Josh Parker E-mail: Location: Georgia Referred by: Wyndham Hotel Live

Comments: Jt you are one of the best singers and players that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I really enjoyed  hearing and meeting you. Nashville will never understand what they missed out on. I wish you and your family  the best that life has to offer and look forward to seeing you again. I am thankful for beening able to meet you, you are the true example of a musician. 

Date:4/5/2006 Name:88 FAN E-mail: Location: Durham, N.C.

Comments: I've seen JT play numerous times and have always enjoyed his upbeat personality and stage presence. He plays just about any and every song you can think of. He's not afraid to go out on a limb and try new material also.  Check him out sometime when he plays at a location close to you. ENJOY !!!

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